Criminal Defense of Immigrants


§ 5.43 IV. Concluding the Representation

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When a conviction has been vacated as legally invalid, it is important (a) to obtain multiple certified copies of the order vacating the conviction, as well as of the new records verifying the safe haven that replaced it, and important (b) to correct the state and federal criminal history records to reflect the new information that the conviction has been vacated.  See § 10.52, infra.  Counsel should also write a final letter documenting the final disposition achieved, and the effect on the client’s criminal history.  This should be sent to immigration counsel for use in reopening the removal proceedings if necessary, or otherwise protecting the client against adverse immigration consequences.  See § § 11.81, et seq., infra.  Counsel should obtain from immigration counsel, and pass on to the client, advice concerning the immigration consequences of the final disposition of the criminal case, and how the client can best defend him- or herself against them.