Individuals Seeking Information


The Law Offices of Norton Tooby is a highly succesful law office that specializes in criminial immigration law. Let us assist you  in avoiding adverse immigration consequences of crimes anywhere in the country.


We offer the following services for individuals: 



If you have a new criminal case, and have not yet pleaded guilty, we can:

  • Help you and your criminal lawyer figure out what crime you can plead guilty to that will not cause you to be deported or suffer other immigration damage.

  • If you already have a criminal conviction, we can help you figure out its exact immigration effects, and how to avoid them in any state.

Interested in scheduling a consultation? Submit our Intake Form  to begin the preliminary review process. Once we receive your Intake Form, you will be contacted within 2-3 business days. We provide up to 1 ½ hours of consultation, in person or by phone, with 1-3 persons, resulting in consultation notes emailed to you right after the consultation.


Learn more about our consultation process.




If the consultation is promising, a full investigation involves:

  • Obtaining all relevant court records from all significant criminal cases

  • Research on immigration consequences of each case

  • Strategy for avoiding removal

  • Immigration-court arguments

  • Strategies for obtaining post-conviction relief

  • Detailed written report including legal research


Cleaning Criminal Records


If necessary, we can help you erase harmful criminal convictions and sentences anywhere in the country, in state or federal court. We do the investigation, develop the strategy, find local counsel in the court where the conviction happened, provide sample papers that can be tailored to the client's case and filed in court, consult with local counsel and with your immigration lawyer, and at the of end of the case, write an opinion letter to your immigration lawyer explaining how the new disposition of the criminal case no longer causes immigration damage.