Legal Services



We offer the following legal services:

  • Initial consultations for individuals, families, criminal and immigration lawyers on criminal immigration issues, such as safe pleas and how to avoid deportation.

  • Full investigations and written reports including arguments against deportation in immigration court, and feasibility studies on the chances of reopening convictions in criminal court to obtain an immigration-safe alternative disposition.

  • Providing strategies and sample pleadings for efforts to obtain post-conviction relief to reopen criminal convictions in criminal court to avoid their adverse immigration consequences. 



Our consultations include review of criminal history documents and immigration status, and a telephone or personal conference with one to three staff members for 1.5 hours, including written notes.  Learn more about our consultation process.


Investigation and Report


A full investigation includes obtaining all necessary documents from the criminal file, original counsel’s file, and the immigration file, doing a complete written analysis and legal research, and outlining a strategy for avoiding immigration damage both in immigration court and criminal court.   


Post-Conviction Relief


We develop a strategy for re-entering criminal court, reopening the original conviction or sentence, and obtaining an alternative immigration-safe disposition in any court in the country.  We also provide sample pleadings and court documents to be tailored to the client's case. We work through local counsel best placed to win the necessary relief, who draft and finalize court documents, negotiate with the prosecutor, and handle the court appearances.

Legal Services for Attorneys & Individuals


We offer legal services to assist immigration lawyers, criminal lawyers, and individuals. 


Services for Immigration Lawyers

We investigate criminal histories nationwide, and analyze them to provide (a) cutting-edge immigration-court arguments why a given conviction does not trigger removal, and (b) post-conviction strategies to clean criminal records to avoid immigration consequences.

Services for Criminal Defense Lawyers

We investigate criminal and immigration histories nationwide and offer strategies for obtaining (a) immigration-safe dispositions, and (b) post-conviction relief to eliminate immigration damage.

Services for Individuals

We investigate your situation to (a) advise your criminal lawyer what plea will avoid deportation, (b) advise your immigration lawyer on new immigration-court arguments to avoid removal, and (c) provide strategies and sample motions to erase convictions in criminal court to avoid immigration damage.


Servicios para Individuos

Investigamos su caso para (a) asesorar a su abogado criminalista sobre cual declaracion de culpabilidad respecto a sus cargos criminales, evitará deportación, (b) asesorar a su abogado de immigración sobre nuevos argumentos del tribunal de inmigración que puede usar para evitar deportación, (c) desarrollar estrategias y muestra peticiones para limpiar expedientes criminales en la corte criminal para evitar daño a su caso inmigratorio.