Giving Back


The Law Offices of Norton Tooby is committed to assisting immigrants in avoiding unnecessary and unjust removal from the United States by providing a number of products and services at little or no cost.


Below are examples of how we support our goals in each of the four categories of service our office provides.


Free Publications 

Free Seminar Registrations

Website Services

Free Consultation

Free Publications


We are donating a free electronic copy of our 230-page book, Tooby’s Guide to Criminal Immigration Law (2008) in PDF format to everyone who wishes to download it.  Download your free copy now.  A printed copy is available for a modest price ($45.00) at our online bookstore.  Purchase your copy now.


We also give free books to prison law libraries, immigration detention center law libraries, and non-profits serving detainees and other low-income immigrant communities.  Over the years, we have given away over $100,000.00 in free copies of our publications.  Sample recipients include the following institutions:

  • American Immigration Lawyer’s Association

  • Arkansas Public Defender

  • Bennu Legal Service NFP

  • Bronx Defenders

  • Canal Community Alliance, Marin County, California

  • Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans

  • Central American Resource Center, San Francisco, California

  • Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project

  • Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center

  • Greater Boston Legal Services

  • Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project

  • Immigrant Legal Resource Center, San Francisco, California

  • Immigrant Rights Clinic

  • Immigration Unit of the Legal Aid Society of New York

  • Justice for Our Neighbors

  • Kansas Board of Indigents Defense Services

  • Kansas Public Defender

  • La Raza Centro Legal

  • Legal Aid Society

  • Mississippi Public Defender

  • National Immigration Project of the National Lawyer’s Guild

  • Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem

  • New Mexico Public Defender

  • Pennsylvania Immigration Resource Center

  • Political Asylum Project of Austin

  • Political Asylum/Immigration Representation Project

  • PROBAR, Texas

  • Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network

  • Saint Louis University School of Law

  • Southern Coalition for Social Justice

  • Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid, Inc.

  • University of Texas School of Law

  • Volunteer Advocates for Immigrant Justice

  • Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and

  • Washington Defender Association Immigration Project

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Our office is also involved in an ongoing Prison Law Library Project whereby we send our practice manuals, free of charge, to prison law libraries and ICE detention centers, enabling inmates to play a role in their own defense and help ensure the adequacy of their legal representation. We also consistently support the Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project, whose mission includes assisting detainees to represent themselves, with publications and free of charge seminar registrations for FIRRP staff members.  Past recipients of our donated practice manuals include:

  • Aguadilla Service Processing Center

  • Aurora Detention Facility

  • Buffalo Federal Detention Center

  • California State Prison System

  • Corrections Corporation of America

  • Cumberland County Jail

  • El Centro Service Processing Center

  • El Paso Detention Facility

  • El Paso Service Processing Center

  • Elizabeth Contract Detention Facility

  • Eloy Detention Center

  • Florence Service Processing Center

  • Franklin County House of Corrections

  • Houston Contract Detention Facility

  • Krome Service Processing Center

  • Laredo Contract Detention Facility

  • Mira Loma Processing Center

  • New York City Department of Corrections

  • Oakdale Detention Facility

  • Plymouth County Correctional Facility

  • Port Isabel Detention Center

  • Queens Contract Detention Facility

  • San Pedro Processing Center

  • Santa Ana City Jail

  • Tacoma Processing Facility

  • Washington, D.C. Jail

  • Willacy Detention Center

We have attempted to place free copies of our practice manuals in the libraries of every prison in the state of California (some 117 institutions in all); however, prison administrators have so far declined to accept the donation. 


"Thank you so much for your donation of books for the detention center libraries in Florence and Eloy! This is incredibly helpful and generous. Thank you for all of your support!" — Lindsay Marshall, Executive Director, The Florence Project



Free Seminar Registrations


As a service to promote educating those individuals working to assist immigrants, we have provided scholarships or free registrations to our seminars to many law students, including students from law schools at University of California at Davis, Yale, University of Nevada at Las Vegas, Florida International University and New York University.  Additionally, we have provided free scholarships and discounts to staff members of non-profit organizations involved in immigrant rights advocacy, such as the Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center, the Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project, and the Immigrant Legal Resource Center.  We allow attorneys serving as Public Defenders to attend our seminars at deep discounts ranging from 50-60% off the normal price of admission. 


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Website Services


For many years, our website was entirely free of charge, containing many valuable criminal immigration research aids, the most popular of which is our table of all decisions defining Crimes of Moral Turpitude.  We continue to provide  a valuable collection of free online materials 24 hours a day, seven days per week.  These Free Resources include:



Free Access to Premium Resources area of the Website:


While we were forced to begin charging a modest fee ($19.95 per month) for access to the Premium Resources area of our site, we have continued to provide free access to the Premium Resources area of our website to the staff of a number of nonprofit immigrant rights organizations, including:

• Central American Resource Center, San Francisco, CA
• Immigrant Legal Resource Center, San Francisco, CA
• National Immigration Project of the National Lawyer’s Guild


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Free Consultations


We offer a limited number of pro bono consultations to a number of nonprofit immigrant rights organizations, including:

• ACLU Immigrants Rights Project
• Immigrant Legal Resource Center
• U.C. Davis Immigrant Rights Clinic