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The Law Offices of Norton Tooby is a well-respected and highly successful private law office in Oakland, California with a nationwide law practice limited to assisting foreign nationals to avoid adverse immigration consequences of crimes anywhere in the country. We do this by providing consultation services to clients, and by producing educational materials, including practice manuals, professional seminars and this website.


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Andrew J. Phillips                                                            Rose Cahn

Joseph Justin Rollin            


Legal Services

The Law Offices of Norton Tooby provides several types of legal services:

  1. Consultations to determine a client’s exact criminal history, and the specific immigration damage it causes;
  2. More thorough investigations and reports on exactly what solutions exist for these problems, both in immigration proceedings and by reentering the criminal court to change the criminal history by obtaining post-conviction relief, and
  3. Developing a post-conviction strategy, providing samples of the necessary papers, and recruiting local counsel best suited to win the case, and coordinating the post-conviction effort with immigration counsel through to the final conclusion of the case.


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We also write and publish practice manuals,  organize and present continuing legal education seminars, and provide free and premium resources on this website for criminal and immigration lawyers on several related topics:

  1. Immigration consequences of criminal cases;
  2. Criminal defense of immigrants; and
  3. Post-conviction relief for immigrants.

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