Criminal Defense of Immigrants


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One important resource is, which offers free resources for the criminal defense lawyer interested in these issues.  An extensive article, entitled Criminal Defense of Immigrants, is offered free of charge.  It is a chapter from the 2003 edition of this work, and takes us through the criminal case in chronological order describing how to handle the case of a noncitizen defendant differently from that of a U.S. citizen.  Another article is entitled, Evaluating the Chances of Post-Conviction Relief, which describes many practical factors that can be used to tell how likely it is that we can vacate a deportable conviction, and substitute a non-deportable one.  The Free Resources area also offers links to Immigration Consequences Charts, giving the immigration consequences of different criminal offenses in the federal criminal code and under the laws of various states.  It also includes a Bibliography on Criminal and Immigration Law and other resources, and offers a free eNewsletter on the intersection of criminal and immigration law, whose past issues are collected in an on-line archive.


                All of our national practice manuals are kept up-to-date monthly on the website with access offered for a small monthly fee.  A detailed description of what criminal dispositions trigger deportation, and which do not, is offered in N. Tooby & J. Rollin, Safe Havens: How to Identify and Construct Non-Deportable Convictions (2005).  We also conduct two day-long CLE seminars on criminal defense of immigrants, both in California in the fall, and nationally in June the day before the American Immigration Lawyers Association annual conference.  We also offer additional practice manuals designed to provide assistance to immigration lawyers specializing in representing foreign nationals with criminal issues in immigration court.  Information on all these resources, and more, is available at our website,