Criminal Defense of Immigrants


§ 8.56 a. Nature and Wording of Plea

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(A)  Types of Plea.  The defendant’s entry of a plea can be very significant in determining the record of conviction and the nature of the conviction.  The plea entered may be one of several. The defendant can enter a plea of guilty.  See § 8.57, infra.  S/he can enter a plea of no contest, or nolo contendere, which has exactly the same effect as a guilty plea for immigration purposes.  See § 8.58, infra.  S/he can enter a plea of guilty while making it express that s/he is not admitting factual guilt.  See § 8.59, infra.  S/he can enter a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity.  S/he can enter what is called a “slow plea” of guilty, but really constitutes an agreement to submit the case to a court trial on the police report or other documents, with the understanding that s/he will be found guilty of specified offenses.  See § 8.61, infra.