Criminal Defense of Immigrants


§ 3.4 C. Dealing With Bias Against Noncitizens

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                Sometimes counsel will encounter a judge or prosecutor with a blanket policy against agreeing to provide immigration relief to noncitizens.  See § 8.35, infra.  See also § 10.2(B)(4), infra, for discussion of prohibition against basing sentence on national origin.




Attorney General

There is a new article, "Race, immigration, & imprisonment in the United States," at Here is an excerpt: The United States sordid history with race-based policing is too well known to need recounting. Often forgotten, though, is that race-based policing continues to receive the Supreme Courts blessing when it comes to immigration law. In a pair of decisions from the mid-1970s, the Court allowed immigration officials to explicitly consider whether someone looks Mexican [...]. Thanks to Csar Cuauhtmoc Garca Hernndez at