Criminal Defense of Immigrants


§ 1.25 3. Reserved Chapters

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Room has been reserved for future expansion of the coverage of this volume to include the following topics:


Chapter 9:             Litigation [Reserved].  In future, issues relating to pre-trial litigation and trial of noncitizen defendants can be included here.


Chapter 13:          Immigration Offenses [Reserved].  In future, information on the elements of offenses that relate specially to noncitizens, such as illegal reentry after deportation[7] or possession of a firearm by a noncitizen[8] can be included here.


Chapter 14:          Special Proceedings [Reserved].  Certain special proceedings, such as extradition into and out of the United States, can be included here in future.  See also § 15.22, infra.

[7] See § 15.39, infra. 

[8] See § 23.6, infra.