Criminal Defense of Immigrants


§ 1.3 B. Scope of the Book

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The goal of this work is to provide criminal and immigration counsel representing noncitizens with criminal issues with the information they need to do an effective job.


                The previous edition of this work concentrated on assisting criminal defense counsel to protect their clients not only against the normal penalties of criminal cases, but also against their immigration consequences.  This fourth edition is greatly expanded in several respects.  First, Part I contains a full chapter on defending immigrants during each stage of a criminal case, e.g., investigation, plea, and sentence.  Second, it also covers criminal law issues that are useful to immigration lawyers in representing noncitizens with criminal issues.  Second, it covers additional topics that are useful to both criminal and immigration counsel in representing immigrants in criminal and immigration cases, such as interpreter issues.  See Chapter 4, infra.  Finally, Part II covers immigration issues relating to criminal law, which is useful to criminal defense counsel as an introduction to the immigration law system and provides a comprehensive, well-organized, and up-to-date summary of crime-related immigration law for immigration counsel as well.