Crimes of Moral Turpitude


§ 3.26 B. "T" Visa - Temporary and Permanent Status for Victims of Trafficking

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The “T” visa, which provides temporary and potential lawful permanent resident status to victims of alien trafficking, was added to the INA as a part of the 2000 Violence Against Women Act, effective October 28, 2000.[340]  All grounds of inadmissibility except for the terrorist grounds are waivable, although the DHS imposes high burdens in waiving some criminal convictions.[341]  For more information, see N Tooby & J. Rollin, Criminal Defense of Immigrants § 24.16 (4th Ed. 2007).


[340] See INA § 101(a)(15)(T), 8 U.S.C. § 1101(a)(15)(T).

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