Criminal Defense of Immigrants


§ 11.38 2. Factors to Consider

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In evaluating the chances of success on post-conviction relief, counsel should consider a number of factors.[297]  The factors can be grouped in three areas: (a) the current status of the client, see § § 11.39-11.45, infra; (b) the criminal situation, see § § 11.46-11.58, infra; and (c) the timing of the case, see § § 11.59-11.66, infra.  It may be useful to look at an overview of these important factors, which have been gathered together in a checklist in Appendix F, infra.

[297] The discussion here is drawn from the on-line article, N. Tooby, Evaluating the Chances of Post-Conviction Relief, in the Free Resources area of