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Let us assist you to investigate and analyze the criminal histories of your clients  and provide you with cutting-edge immigration-court arguments on why a given conviction does not trigger removal. We also assist with post-conviction strategies and sample motions to clean criminal records and avoid immigration consequences.


We offer assistance in the following ways:



Strategies for Cleaning Cleaning Criminal Records



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  • Quick review of criminal documents

  • Brief research during consultation

  • Immigration consequences of criminal history

  • Chances of post-conviction relief

Interested in scheduling a consultation?  Submit a Consultation Request Form to begin the preliminary review process. Once we receive your form, you will be contacted within 2-3 business days. We provide up to 1 ½ hours of consultation, in person or by phone, and will provide detailed notes from the consultation shortly thereafter. 


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A full investigation involves:

  • Obtaining all relevant court records from all significant criminal cases
  • If a client is unable to obtain the necessary court documents prior to a consultation, it will be necessary to undertake an investigation before the consultation in order to get those documents.

Strategies for Cleaning Criminal Records


To aid in eliminating a conviction or sentence, we:

  • Develop specific post-conviction relief strategies

  • Provide sample post-conviction relief motions, memos, and exhibits

  • Locate, recruit, and advise local counsel anywhere in the country

  • Advise criminal counsel on immigration-safe substitute offenses

  • Draft opinion letter for immigration counsel on immigration effect of new disposition