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The intersection of criminal and immigration law is becoming more and more critical to attorneys practicing in both fields. Our practice manuals offer expert legal information to attorneys concerning:

  • Criminal defense of immigrants

  • Immigration consequences of criminal convictions, and

  • How to obtain post-conviction relief in criminal court for immigrants.

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How to Order a Practice Manual


There are three different ways to obtain a Practice Manual:  

  1. Online Edition
  2. Print Edition
  3. Both Print and Online Editions

Our Practice Manuals are never out of date.  We update each Practice Manual every month. 


Your purchase of a Practice Manual under our new website program is far more valuable than ever before: 

  • You get the print edition, online edition, or package of both editions that you purchase

  • With your purchase of the print edition you get the valuable online edition absolutely free

  • With your purchase either edition you get free access to all past and future case updates to that edition absolutely free

This would be a $240 per year value if you purchased the updates under our Premium Resources Membership.


In dollars and cents your purchase of a two or three hundred dollar Practice Manual brings you resources worth 3-4 times as much:

  • Free updates for one year would cost $240 a year if purchased separately

  • You get free updates for all years until the new publication date

  • Estimate three years of free updates is worth $240 x 3 or $720

  • Free access to online edition worth roughly $100-150 is also included


You’ll also never need to worry about the timing of a new edition, because all purchasers of the Practice Manual within one year prior to the publication date of the new edition will receive free access to the new Online Edition for one year after the new edition is published.  See Norton’s Guarantee.



Already Own a Print Edition?


Already own a hard copy of one of our practice manuals?  If you bought a Print Edition of one of our practice manuals before the online edition became available, you can still obtain our monthly update service in one of two ways: 


(1) Subscribe to our Premium Resources for only $19.95 a month and receive all past and future case updates to all practice manuals for one low price during your subscription; or


(2) Purchase the Online Edition of the Practice Manual you already own. Online editions are attractively priced at half the price of the print edition. For this price you can electronically search the text, cut and paste legal arguments into your briefs, and review all past and future case updates to this edition.


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