Tooby's Crimes of Moral Turpitude

By: Norton Tooby, J.J. Rollin and J. Foster

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This volume collects and organizes all immigration and federal court decisions defining crimes of moral turpitude. A fully-indexed manual on how to tell whether a conviction is a crime of moral turpitude, organized by nature of the crime. A “must-have” for questions of admissibility, as well as removal defense. Includes all court decisions on CMTs from the BIA, Circuit Courts, District Courts, and Supreme Court. 



  • Includes all immigration decisions defining CMTs

  • Useful in all jurisdictions

  • Comprehensive and fully indexed




“Amazingly comprehensive”

- Dan Kesselbrenner, Director, Nation Lawyer’s Guild, National Immigration Project, Boston, Massachussetts. Co-author, Immigration Law and Crimes


“A wonderful collection on a topic that has confused people for decades”

- Kathy Brady, Staff Attorney, Immigrant Legal Resource Center, San Francisco, California


 “The definitive resource on this convoluted area of immigration law.”

- Ann Benson, Directing Attorney, Washington Defenders Immigration Project, Seattle, Washington



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