Criminal Defense of Immigrants

By: Norton Tooby and J.J. Rollin

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This three-volume set contains an easy-to-understand overview of the immigration consequences of criminal convictions and how to defend against them. Over 3000 pages, including appendices and index. The Third Volume of Criminal Defense of Immigrants updates the book through March 2012. Criminal Defense of Immigrants takes you step-by-step through the special needs of your clients at each stage of the criminal case; from the first client interview, immigration-safe plea bargaining, sentencing, and post-conviction relief. It also gives an overview of the crime-related immigration process, grounds of deportation and inadmissibility, and forms of relief. A wealth of useful information for immigration lawyers confronting criminal issues. Saves hours of research and contains valuable arguments for immigration court not found anywhere else.  


Note: those who already own Volumes I or II may wish to update their copy of Criminal Defense of Immigrants by purchasing Volume III.



  • Updated with continuous free update service

  • Three volumes

  • 3000 pages

  • How to defend immigrants in criminal court, including avoiding immigration consequences

  • Detailed treatment of immigration consequences of criminal convictions

  • Useful for both immigration and criminal counsel

  • Chapter on interpreters




"Criminal Defense of Immigrants provides an amazingly comprehensive and useful resource for our staff attorneys who work daily in detention centers in Arizona under severe time and resource constraints. We would not be able to fully meet the needs of Arizona's detained immigrants and refugees without it."


- Lindsay N. Marshall, Acting Executive Director, Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project


Justice Stevens, in a recent United States Supreme Court decision, described N. Tooby, CRIMINAL DEFENSE OF IMMIGRANTS (2003) as an "authoritative treatise" in support of the proposition that: "The weight of prevailing professional norms supports the view that counsel must advise her client regarding the risk of deportation."


Padilla v. Kentucky, 559 U.S.130 S. CT.1473 (2010).


"I wanted to thank you and Norton so much for the excellent two volumes on representing criminal defendants. We really appreciate your generosity and are thrilled to have the book.”


-Sarah Ignatius, CLE


“The backbone of our library resources on immigration consequences for persons with criminal (and other Public Defender) cases.”


- Frank Cox, Chief Deputy Public Defender, Marin County, California



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