Vacating Convictions Under Padilla:

National Master Class on Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

March 10, 2012 

9AM- 5PM 

6.5 CLE credits*

David Brower Center, Tamalpais Room

2150 Allston Way, Berkeley, California 94704


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A day-long seminar on the national implications of Padilla v. Kentucky for obtaining post-conviction relief for immigrants on grounds of ineffective assistance of counsel.



2012 Seminar Topics:


I.     Evaluating Chances of PCR Success –  Four factors necessary to PCR success: appropriate vehicle, ground of legal invalidity, safe havens (then and now), and powerful equities.  


II.    Implications of Padilla for Post-Conviction Relief – Procedure, Vehicles, and Retroactivity – The Supreme Court's landmark decision in Padilla v. Kentucky requires counsel affirmatively to advise their clients on the actual immigration consequences of a plea.  This session will discuss Padilla's many important implications: for defense counsel, for post-conviction counsel, and for post-conviction procedure.


III. Immigration-Related Claims of Ineffective Assistance of Counsel After Padilla – Padilla established or strengthened several different claims of IAC: affirmative misadvice, failure to advise, and failure to defend.  It did not even mention, however, equally important traditional IAC claims based on failure to use immigration consequences as a powerful equity to obtain shorter sentences and pleas to less serious offenses.


IV. Proof of Prejudice – While Padilla did not directly address the question of prejudice, to obtain PCR, counsel must establish prejudice, a topic as important to the client as the IAC claim itself.


Top Faculty


Norton Tooby, one of the foremost national experts on post-conviction relief for immigrants. Harvard University; Stanford Law School; President, STANFORD LAW REVIEW; listed in BEST LAWYERS IN AMERICA; author of POST-CONVICTION RELIEF FOR IMMIGRANTS (National Edition 2004); CALIFORNIA POST-CONVICTION RELIEF FOR IMMIGRANTS (2009); CRIMINAL DEFENSE OF IMMIGRANTS (2007)(with J.J. Rollin). Recipient of  the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s Jack Wasserman Memorial Award for Excellence in Litigation in the field of Immigration Law as a member of the legal team that successfully litigated Padilla v. Kentucky, 130 S.Ct. 1473 (2010).


Rose Cahn, Associate Attorney, Law Offices of Norton Tooby, Update Editor of CALIFORNIA POST-CONVICTION RELIEF FOR IMMIGRANTS (2d ed. 2009), and author of various articles on criminal and immigration law.





"The best and most interesting seminar I have ever attended!"

- Carolyn Chapman


"These guys really know what they're talking about. It's the intelligent way to put on a seminar."

- David Bryon



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