California Criminal Defense of Immigrants

By Norton Tooby and Katherine Brady


Be confident that you are providing effective counsel when advising your client on immigration consequences as required by the US Supreme Court in Padilla.  

Norton Tooby and Katherine Brady, both well known California attorneys and nationally known experts in crimes and immigration, take you through the critical stages of a criminal case, identifying the immigration concerns and delivering the strategies and advice you need for effective resolution.


-Use the only California-specific book on this topic
-Protect your client’s immigration interests in both misdemeanor and felony cases
-Learn the best practices for research, investigation, negotiation, and resolution
-Identify alternative acceptable pleas and avenues to post-conviction relief
-Prevent immigration holds from sabotaging your criminal dispositions
-Includes charts, checklists, diagnostic questionnaires, scripts, and additional resources

List Price: $350.00

Sell Price: $350.00


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