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All 8,000 pages of our Practice Manuals -- the best information in the world on criminal immigration law – are now available on this website.  All of the Practice Manuals are available for purchase as Online Editions that are viewable online or as traditional Print Editions.  All who purchase a Print or Online Edition of one of our Practice Manuals will now receive free access to the monthly electronic update service for the edition purchased.  Our new website also includes a Free Resources area that provides free access to a searchable database of case capsules containing ten years’ worth of case summaries, our monthly eNewsletter, along with all archived editions, and a free PDF download of TOOBY’S GUIDE TO CRIMINAL IMMIGRATION LAW.  We hope this information will assist criminal and immigration lawyers to protect the immigration status of their clients.



Practice Manuals Online


The following Practice Manuals are available for purchase as Online Editions, Print Editions, or Both Online and Print Editions:



Aggravated Felonies

Tooby’s Crimes of Moral Turpitude

Criminal Defense of Immigrants

Tooby’s Guide to Criminal Immigration Law (Print Edition only; a PDF download of this work is available absolutely free).

Post-Conviction Relief for Immigrants

California Post-Conviction Relief for Immigrants

Safe Havens:  How to Identify and Construct Non-Deportable Convictions


Premium Products


Our Premium Members will continue to receive the same valuable access to the following products and services:


Practice Manual Updates.  We will continue to publish monthly updates to all our practice manuals online.


Premium Membership.  We will continue to offer a monthly subscription to the Premium Membership, which includes access to the monthly updates to all Practice Manuals, and a number of very valuable bonus Resources.  The cost is only $19.95 per month.  In the alternative, an annual Premium Membership subscription is available for only $199 per year – a savings of over $40.


Print Editions of our Practice Manuals will continue to be available for purchase as before.  For our price list, click here. 


Legal Services


We provide legal services to assist:

  • Immigration Lawyers

  • Criminal Lawyers, and

  • Individuals


Legal Service for Attorneys


We investigate criminal histories nationwide, and analyze them to provide (a) cutting-edge immigration-court arguments why a given conviction does not trigger removal, and (b) post-conviction efforts to clean criminal records to avoid immigration consequences.


Criminal Lawyers
We investigate criminal and immigration histories nationwide and offer (a) preplea strategies for obtaining immigration-safe dispositions, and (b) post-conviction relief to eliminate immigration damage.


Legal Services for Individuals


We investigate your situation to (a) advise your criminal lawyer as to what plea will avoid deportation, (b) advise your immigration lawyer on new immigration-court arguments to avoid removal, and (c) erase convictions in criminal court to avoid immigration damage.